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If you are a student from anywhere in the world, we invite you to be part of the UNIMINUTO community in Colombia.

Here you will enjoy a multicampus environment composed of more than 130,000 students and 5,000 teachers in every corner of Colombia.

You will be able to know a great variety of research incubators and groups, a Scientific Park of Social Innovation, an Agricultural park, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Bogotá among other services.

Come to know the Colombian culture through:

  • Academic Exchange Semesters
  • Short-term programs
  • Volunteers
  • International internship.


  1. Your university of origin must send a letter requesting the exchange to the International Affairs Office of UNIMINUTO, introducing you and sending the proposal for the homologation of subjects.
  2. The Office of International Affairs and the UNIMINUTO academic units will evaluate the application.
  3. If your application is approved, your university will receive the acceptance letter, with instructions to be taken into account for the arrival in Colombia and UNIMINUTO.


Application deadlines

For the first semester of the year: Until October 31.

For the second semester of the year: Until May 30.

 Write to for further information.



The Office of International Affairs - OIA was created as a Unit attached to the General Secretariat of UNIMINUTO, whose task is to lead and support the implementation of the internationalization strategy in the Institution, which is supported by a comprehensive and inclusive model, aiming at facilitate and strengthen the formation of global citizens.


What do we do?

Guide and support mobility processes, disseminate scholarships and opportunities for the community, promote cultural events, organize international visits, develop summer and winter programs and contribute to the consolidation of national and international relations.



The Office of International Affairs, through its internationalization strategy, offers students of the UNIMINUTO System in Colombia mobility programs and activities focused on the development of intercultural skills and personal and academic growth. We seek to accompany the members of the community in their training process as #EmbajadoresUNIMINUTO (UNIMINUTO Ambassadors) in the world.


International  Students

The Corporación Universitaria Minuto de Dios, through the Office of International Affairs, invites students from all over the world to be part of the UNIMINUTO community by offering them a multicampus environment, which gathers more than 100,000 students in all corners of Colombia, research groups, a Scientific Park of Social Innovation - PCIS, and an Agroparque, among other services.

Through its educational and missionary model, the institution offers the possibility of approaching the Colombian culture through academic exchange semesters, short-term programs, volunteering and international internships.


Faculty and  administrative staff


Outgoing academic mobility


In the framework of the internationalization strategy implementation, the Office of International Affairs has developed the procedure with the activities, requirements and controls so that the directors, professors and administrative personnel carry out national and international (outgoing) academic mobility as speakers, participants in events or representatives of the institution.

Visiting and guest Faculty

The Corporación Universitaria Minuto de Dios-UNIMINUTO, along with the Office of International Affairs, promotes the participation of experts, consultants, managers, researchers, administrative staff and international faculty in different academic and administrative projects of the institution, with the purpose of improving the curriculum and create an intercultural academic community open to international perspectives.




1. Visiting Professor: it is an expert invited by the Institution to contribute with the strengthening of the substantive functions of teaching, research or social projection in UNIMINUTO, by virtue of his high intellectual quality and professional recognition at national or international level thanks to his/her contributions and expertise in his/her field of study.


The visiting professor stay in the institution can be of short or long duration:


- Visiting professor of short duration: it is an expert who supports substantive functions of the Institution, such as conferences, seminars, symposiums, congresses, forums, continuing education, workshops, short research stays or institutional missions, for a period no longer than thirty (30) calendar days, whether continuous or discontinuous.


- Visiting professor of long duration: it is an expert who supports substantive functions of the Institution for a term not exceeding an academic period, renewable once.


2. Guests: an expert who, due to his/her experience and expertise in a specific area, is invited to participate in activities that contribute to the development and strengthening of the UNIMINUTO administrative staff, academic management or Directive skills.



Fellows Colombia program- ICETEX

Fellows Colombia is a program whereby ICETEX provides financial support for international experts’ participation in events organized by Higher Education Institutions. This time, UNIMINUTO participates thanks to the Reciprocity for Foreigners Program in Colombia.


Items covered:


A. International Airline ticket in economic fare (maximum $ 6,000,000 per ticket)

B. Financing for accommodation, according to the values ​​established in the Annual Program Cost Resolution.


Duration of the visit:


The financing by the ICETEX depends on the duration of the expert's visit, which may not be less than three (3) days nor longer than three (3) weeks. In case the airline tickets are requested, the stay can last up to six (6) months.


Information to be taken into account:


1. The event leaders and responsible for the expert must send the relevant information to the event on the deadlines established in order to make the application.

2. If the expert is approved, the event leader is responsible for gathering the legalization documentation. In the case of documents to be signed by the Legal Representative, such documents must be sent fulfilled and the International Affairs Office will be responsible for having those documents signed.

3. Applications will not be processed out of the schedule stablished by the International Affairs Office since an internal process is required to complete the application.

4. The support provided is made affective through reimbursements so the person leading the event must take into account that the corresponding travel expenses are incurred. Therefore, it is important to verify the budget previously with the area in charge at the headquarters.




• The participation of the international expert should be in an updating, course, diploma, and Specialization program with a high level of research, Master or Doctorate in any area of​knowledge.

• The expert must reside permanently abroad.

• The expert must be recognized by the international scientific community.

• Priority will be given to requests from experts who are part of a university in the Shanghai Ranking. In this sense, the teaching center must notify this condition via e-mail.


What information should I provide for online application?


To apply, you must consult with the International Affairs Office of your headquarters or contact us at


Schedule 2018


Events to be conducted in

Deadline to apply to the Directorate of International Affairs

Month of delivery of documents for legalization


January, February and march

February 23



April, May and June

April 10



July, August and September

July 10



October, November and December

October 10



For further information get in contact with International Affairs Office of your headquarters.