The university pastoral of UNIMINUTO, in accordance with the Institutional Educational Project (In Spanish PEI), reinforce the respect for religious freedom, in order to allow the search for God based on missionary principles, as a non-confessional proposal open to all, which does forces no one to act against their own conscience. 


University pastoral acquires its identity through the dialogue between the Church and society and cultures, where the individual, in his or her individual and community being, is the path that the Church must follow in fulfilling its mission, which is evangelize. 

From this perspective, the UNIMINUTO pastoral promotes an evangelization oriented toward the fullness of the human being, as part of its mission to announcing the Gospel to all humanity, contributing to the construction and integral formation of the educational community. 


The university pastoral helps to value the meaning of existence, foster the encounter with Jesus Christ alive and risen, awakens interest in the proposal of the Kingdom of God and its values, through dynamic and joyful spiritual experiences that form "Jesus in us" to continue and complete the foundations of his life, in order to celebrate the encounter with God the merciful Father in the sacraments and in the service of the most needy.